FrontPage 2003 and Online Lesson Plan Error Fix

If you create and/or edit webpages (even online lesson plans), please do this fix even if you aren't experiencing the error. Also do this on your home computers.

Some symptoms:

  1. You are working in FrontPage and try to save- you’ll get a message such as “an error occurred accessing your Sharepoint services” or your page won’t save until you try it over and over again.
  2. You are trying to do your online lesson plans and when you try to edit in Excel, you aren’t getting the box to login. As a result, you are not saving your plans back to the website. Instead you end up saving them in a hidden temporary folder on your desktop. This fix will stop that from happening and allow you to login correctly.

If you have any difficulties with the fix, let one of the Instructional Technology Specialists at your campus, Chris, or Sharon know and we'll help you out.

  1. Log out of FrontPage.
  2. Open Internet Explorer.
  3. Select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced, and unselect all "HTTP 1.1 settings". (It's about the 3rd main setting listed.)
  4. Then under the tab "General" of the Internet Options, delete the Cookies and Temporary Files. When the box pops up, you'll delete all temporary internet files and make sure to select "Delete all offline content".
  5. You will also need to click on Clear History.
  6. Be sure to log out of Internet Explorer, then log back in.