How many free wikispaces have been created?
There is still time to create one for yourself.
(100,000 Wikis in the Classroom)

Video Tutorial - Getting started

Wiki Ideas for the Classroom

Wikis in Plain English
You can create your own WikiSpace. For a limited time, the
creators of this site have made these free of advertising for the first
100,000 teachers who sign up. There are still some slots open, so I
suggest you sign up for an account. They are free. You may not
want to do anything with it right now, but you will have it when you do.
For example: You could use it in your classroom on your own as a webpage
if you didn't want to use FrontPage and wanted something quick and easy.
See examples:

Jefferson County Schools PowerPoints
These PowerPoints are from Jefferson County Schools in
Tennessee. Download them and adapt them to fit your needs.
Be sure to credit the original author and if you plan to put them
online, be sure to ask author's permission first.
Lexington School Websites for February
This is a listing of many good sites for February and all the months of the year.
Good links for leap year activities and election year activities.
PhotoStory 3 Tutorial
Good step-by-step tutorial for making a PhotoStory 3 movie.