Smart Board Tips and Tricks

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I just tried this...too cool! Open SMART Notebook and open an Internet site. Find a picture on the Internet site you want in Notebook. Click on the picture and drag down to the blue task bar at the bottom of the screen. Hover over the Notebook tab and Notebook will open. Drop your picture in Notebook. You can do the same with highlighted text, clipart from Word, etc. Remember copyright if you choose to post notebook files on the Internet containing graphics.

WHERE DID IT GO!: This is really neat! Check out the sample I made.

If you type words in a particular color (red) all over the page in SMART Notebook, then put a red background it will cover the words. Create a white square and select "order" it to "send it to the back". As you move the white square around the page, the words in red will magically appear in the square. Tip: you can make the square any shape you want. You can make a white circle and attach a rectangular handle to make it look like a magnifying glass.

With the newest version of SMART Notebook you can go to View > Dual Page and you can see two pages in Notebook at once. This is great for moving pictures or words from one slide to the next. Tip: Also under View is Pin Page. It will pin the page on the left in place and you can change the slide on the right only.

For young kids with sticky fingers, you can stuff a plain cotton glove so that only the index, or "pointer" finger is sticking up. Attach the glove to a dowel rod and use it as a pointer or for students to move text and pictures on the SMART board.